The Cathedral Quartet: A Reunion (1993)- DVD


The Cathedral Quartet: A Reunion (1993)- DVD

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Reminisce with America’s Most Beloved Quartet as they tell stories and sing 25 of their most recognized songs.

Titles Include:

Wedding Music

Oh Come Along

Never Before and Never Again

Canaan Land is Just in Sight

Hide Thou Me

I Want to Walk Just As Close As I Can

The Unclouded Day

Sunshine and Roses

Cleanse Me


I’m Gonna Shout All Over Heaven

I’ll Be List’ning

He Love Me

The Plan of Salvation

Sin Will Take You Farther

I’ve Just Started Living

Champion of Love

Goodbye, World, Goodbye

The Master Builder

Somebody Touched Me

Step Into The Water

Moving Up To Gloryland

I Know A Man Who Can

Learning To Lean

Boundless Love

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