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Rodney Griffin

Rodney is from Somerset, KY and has been with Greater Vision since late 1993. If you've heard much gospel music, you've most likely heard a song written by Rodney Griffin. Along with singing lead for Greater Vision, he has also been Gospel Music's Songwriter of the year 20 years. Rodney and his wife, Regina, live in Mount Vernon, Kentucky and attend Bible Baptist Church.

Gerald Wolfe

Gerald is from Morristown, TN. A talented singer, emcee, and pianist, Gerald has accompanied many gospel groups during his ministry, including The Cathedral Quartet. Gerald recently began a revival of classic hymns with the Gospel Music Hymn Sing tour. He and his wife, Donna, live in Morristown, Tennessee and attend First Baptist Church.

Jon Epley

Jon is from Fordsville, KY. He began singing with his family at the age of two and has sung with multiple Gospel Music groups, so he has been involved in this genre for almost his entire life. He was called to join Greater Vision in 2017.  After only two hours of rehearsal, he joined the other guys in the studio, the very next day, to record his first album as baritone of the group.  Jon and his wife, Tiffany, reside in Johnson City, Tennessee, where they attend Tri-Cities Baptist Church.

Chris Allman

Chris is from Burlington, NC and was the original tenor for Greater Vision when we began in 1990. Along with an incredible singing voice, he is also a prolific songwriter and producer, and has been named Gospel Music’s Favorite Tenor for two consecutive years. Chris and his wife, Kim, live in Morristown, Tennessee and attend Manley Baptist Church.